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Sudoku Champions

Along the walls of the Third Grade Shared Classroom, students can sharpen and develop their skills, primarily in Math and English, with games designed by Miss Margaret, our Shared Classroom teacher. These games include a Sudoku game board, a weekly Word Search challenge with the current vocabulary we are working on in classes that week, and a Word With Friends game board, among others.

Over the last seven weeks, many of the students, including myself, have attempted to complete the Sudoku puzzle, with no success. Now, after many tries, and working on the puzzle with my classmate, Juan David Arguella, together we finally managed to solve it! Juan David and I are so happy to be the first 3rd Grade Sudoku Champions, and we hope to keep it that way!

Federico Novoa 2B Student

Resumen: En las paredes del Salón Compartido de Segundo Grado, los estudiantes pueden desarrollar y afinar sus habilidades, principalmente en inglés y matemáticas, con unos juegos diseñados por Miss Margaret, nuestra profesora del Salón Compartido. Estos juegos incluyen un tablero de Sudoku, una sopa de letras con el vocabulario que estamos trabajando semanalmente en las diferentes clases del nivel, y un tablero de “Palabras con Amigos,” entre otros.

Hace más de siete semanas, muchos niños de Segundo, incluyéndome a mÃ

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