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TEB 2022 – Mathematics and Technology – Middle and Highschool

Last week, on March 25, students from 7th, 11th and 12th Grade went to La Calera to represent Rochester School on the TEB 2022, an event organized by UNCOLI, where the best educational projects, involving technology in Colombia, were presented under the leadership of Mr. Sthefano Venga and Mr. José Luis Zamora.

The students presented projects developed in Math classes in Middle School and High School. 7th-grade students presented a project where they drew their favorite cartoons on a cartesian plane, using points with specific coordinates on the GeoGebra app.

11th-grade students presented a project on conic sections and on how to model the sections through the generation of a solid revolution, of a straight line through the axis, that allows, making different cuts, to find the conic sections like the parabola, the ellipse, the circle and the hyperbola. 12th grade students found the relationship with the solids of revolution and to be able to integrate, 10th Grade with 11th Grade, around a single purpose: the conic sections as a solid of revolution.

Last but not least, Jose Luis Zamora participated in the event as one of the speakers. The presentation that was given at the TEB meeting corresponds to the process that has been carried out since 2016, implementing solids of revolution. This project consisted of the simulation of a 192 ml bottle of Coca Cola, through software and mathematical theory, trying to find an approximation to its volume.

On the following links you can find a video of our experience on the TEB:

We feel very proud of the work, innovation and leadership of our students to represent Rochester School in such important event as the TEB. It was an enriching experience for everyone. 

Sthefano Venga – 7th Grade Math Teacher José Luis Zamora – High School Math Teacher

Resumen: El pasado 25 de marzo, los estudiantes de los grados 6°, 10° y 11° fueron a La Calera para representar al Colegio Rochester en el TEB 2022, evento organizado por UNCOLI, donde se presentaron los mejores proyectos educativos con el uso de tecnologÃ

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