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The Joy of Reading in Grade 6

Children learn to read by reading. In order to develop lifelong reading habits, learners need to have extended periods of time to read for pleasure, interest, and information. By instilling a joy of reading, motivation and skill development are likely to ensue. The most significant contribution parents and teachers can make to be a role model of reading for pleasure is to provide a captivating range of books and other illustrated materials that match a child’s age, interests, and reading level. Enthusiasm and curiosity are essential ingredients in promoting the desire and joy of reading.

In the Real World English class in 6th Grade, Mrs. Catherine (Cat) Rodríguez is doing just that. She is proud of and excited about her Joy of Reading program. Listen to what she and some of her students from 6B have to say about it. Not only do they feel relaxed and have fun, but they are taking charge of their own learning.

Eliana Martínez López de Mesa is excited about learning new vocabulary from British English that she never knew from being used to English from the United States. Sara Juliana Sanabria explains how the Joy of Reading helps her concentrate and focus better. Previously, Sara didn’t like to read. After three months of participating in the Joy of Reading, she now “understands that reading is good and can be fun.” Helping change negative attitudes into positive ones is a significant achievement!

“…I saw the excitement in students, especially when they saw me bringing my own book to the session…It’s the Joy of Reading, and that’s what I feel incredibly proud of—being able to implement a program where students feel happy and connected with their own reading process.”

I would like to congratulate Mrs. Cat for her success in implementing this valuable program, modeling positive reading attitudes and habits for her students, and engaging her students (both girls and boys) to enjoy reading through several of the Choice Theory Connecting Habits—caring, supporting, contributing, and encouraging. I was pleasantly surprised to walk into a classroom filled with young boys who were excited and focused on reading! The atmosphere was contagious, and I couldn’t resist grabbing a book from my office and joining in. We will use her example of Leading in teaching and learning to expand our program.

Resumen: En quinto grado en la clase de Real World English, la profesora Catherine (Cat) Rodríguez está implementando un programa sobre la alegría de leer. Está orgullosa y emocionada de su programa Joy of Reading. Escuchen y lean lo que ella y algunos de sus alumnos de 5B tienen que decir al respecto. No solo se sienten relajados y se divierten, sino que se hacen cargo de su propio aprendizaje.

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