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The Social Sciences Department Prepares for Show and Tell Day with our Middle School Students

The social sciences department was asked to join the Show and Tell Day, which will be happening very soon. This year, the department will be showcasing some of the work and the themes that have been covered over the year. With this in mind, I asked some of our 8th-grade students if they would like to participate. Three valiant students stepped forward to answer the call: David Lineros, Paula Romero, and Sarah Triana.

After they were given the brief of the project the learners decided that they would create a poster and connect it to a video using a QR code. The content of the poster would be based on the Renaissance, which we have learned about during our Middle Ages classes. I would like to acknowledge David, Paula, and Sarah for their hard work and dedication. Through this project the learners have shown their commitment to the THISREAL competencies demonstrating inquiry thinking and acting, relating well with others, and technology use. In the evidence attached, the community will be able to witness a preview of their work. I am very proud of these students and want to thank them for their hard work and active participation in this year’s Show and Tell!

Kimon Steenporte Middle and High School Social Sciences Teacher


El departamento de ciencias sociales se unirá al “Show and Tell Day”, que se llevará a cabo muy pronto. Este año, el departamento mostrará algunos de los trabajos y los temas que se han cubierto a lo largo del año. Con esto en mente, les pregunté a algunos de nuestros estudiantes de séptimo grado si les gustaría participar y tres valientes se unieron al llamado: David Lineros, Paula Romero y Sarah Triana. En la evidencia la comunidad podrá presenciar un avance del trabajo de David, Paula, y Sarah. ¡Estoy muy orgulloso de estos estudiantes y les agradezco su arduo trabajo y su participación activa en el “Show and Tell” de este año!

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