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Time Capsule – Pre Mini Dance and Mini Dance

Congratulations to the group of our Extracurricular Dance program, Pre Mini Dance and Mini Dance, who after their teacher Lina Vanega proposed them to make a ‘time capsule’ guided by her, managed, through their emotions, to enhance their written, oral and artistic expression, float with their imagination and give free rein to the sea of emotions in which they sailed.

They captured in sheets of hearts, everything they wanted to be in the future. As for the design, they were able to creatively draw inspiration from their tastes, passions, learning and project themselves into the future. Both the creativity and originality of each of the dancers came to the surface, and for this, they were able to use all their imagination, relying on everything they dreamed of.

In this time capsule are stored messages representative of a certain period, which have meaning for each of the dancers, hidden in the hope that they will be recovered in the future.

They managed in an inspiring way to explain their feelings, the expectations they had regarding what each one of them expected on a spiritual, emotional, physical and mental level; additionally, they organically deepened in the teaching/learning process of dance, to know, appreciate and value themselves. Congratulations to the dance program, which since 2001 has worked hard to promote the importance of movement towards life skills, and congratulations to all for making this a wonderful experience!


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