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To Remain Silent or to Act; Reflections – Natalia Rengifo – 10th Grade

Natalia Rengifo Assaf, elaborated a text of oral characteristics in which she expresses with clarity her reflection on the possibilities of keeping silent or acting when physical or psychological integrity is at stake. His personal way of facing this dilemma leads him to take an example from literature and puts in our ears a reality that we do not want to hear about, but that is always present in the social groups in which we live. The audio format used, invites us to close our eyes to listen to his voice, his arguments, his questions, his silences. We invite you to listen with empathy to this great text.

Leonardo Betancourt Sanabria. Spanish Teacher – 10th Grade Mentor

Resumen:Natalia Rengifo Assaf, elaboró un texto de caracterÃ

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