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Understanding and Applying Fluid Principles – AP Physics High School

At AP Physics class we created our own models with the goal of understanding the different applications of fluids.  

We chose to do a box that opened hydraulically, with the help of two syringes that were connected to make the system move. After the box was done we analyzed the box’s angular velocity when opening and the force required to open the lid of the box with the help of torque and the box’s angular acceleration. Even though it may look like a simple system it is important to note that this concept can be scaled up to things like a hydraulic car lift, for example, which has really important applications in real life. The second model we developed was a hydraulic brake, which simulates at a small scale, how stopping a wheel, which is crucial for our life, can be easily achieved with the help of fluids. Among other applications of fluids we have the artificial kidney which as the name suggests, simulates the workings of a real kidney for someone who might need it. Our own blood system is the best example of fluid dynamics so even if the topic looks far-fetched you don’t have to be a pro scientist to appreciate its usefulness. 

Carlos Peña, Juan Diego Quintero, Andrés Rosero, MarÃ

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