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Virtues Development- April’s Final Reflection

Finally, April comes to an end. 

It has been a long, challenging month full of learning, unexpected plot twists and personal growing. We have faced challenges we never expected as parents, teachers, friends and peers. And here we are, we are alive, together and safe. We are where we need to be. 

One of the greatest challenges we have faced is maintaining our integral health at home, our virtue for April, what a lucky coincidence! During this six weeks of social distancing we have asked ourselves, several times, about all three components of integral health: Physical health, mental health and spiritual health. We have created physical activities, healthy meals, we have prayed, come up with family agreements and meditated. We have done everything we consider important for ourselves and our families.

Taking a step away from our chaotic stay-at-home days is crystal clear we are doing our very best to protect our loved ones. We are doing our best! 

Let’s celebrate our resilience, let’s enjoy chaos and have self-compassion as we are doing the best we can Let us all feel proud of who we are and where we are. We are all writing a new story, let’s breathe and enjoy the ride.

Pamela Ospina Virtues Development Coordinator

Resumen: finalmente, abril llega a su fin. Ha sido un mes largo y desafiante lleno de aprendizaje, giros inesperados y crecimiento personal. Nos hemos enfrentado a desafÃ

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