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We Received The USGBC Leadership Award!

On June 10, 2021, our school’s new campus was selected by the U.S. Green Building Council to receive leadership recognition from * USGBC 2021 for Latin America, becoming one of the first schools to get recertified in LEED standards.

The U.S. Green Building Council is the world’s largest green building conference and brings together industry leaders, experts and professionals dedicated to sustainable construction, from around the world. USGBC recognizes leaders like them who drive and are at the forefront of the green and sustainable building movement in every sector.

The school was named as the winner of the USGBC Leadership Award, as the only school in Colombia and Latin America, recognizing the Regional leadership of the US Green Building Council that contributes to the creation of sustainable, healthy, and equitable buildings, cities and communities. We are committed to sustainable practices, providing lifelong sustainability lessons for our students and community. Thank you USGBC for this great honor!

Sandra Borrero Marketing Coordinator

Resumen: El pasado 10 de junio del 2021 el nuevo campus del Colegio Rochester fue seleccionado por U.S. Green Building Council para recibir el reconocimiento de liderazgo del *USGBC 2021 para América Latina, convirtiéndonos en uno de los primeros colegios en recertificarse en los estándares LEED.

“U.S. Green Building Council†es la conferencia de construcción verde más grande del mundo y reúne a lÃ

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