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Welcoming New Teachers 2

We want to welcome our new teachers. We hope this year brings lots of beautiful and enriching life experiences!

Sandra Rosero

Teacher of English & Math, Library and IVL in Kinder C & Family Coordinator of Kinder C.

Sandra is caring, risk-taker, warm and loyal. She likes to see how children show amazing progress in their learning process and succeed in communicating their feelings and needs in a second language. She likes to ride her bike, dance and travel. She loves actions movies and TV shows.

John Ludwig

Teacher of English Composition & Speech in 6th Grade D and English Speech in Middle School.

Four words that describe him are: Adventurous, joyful, tenacious, and caring. He enjoys helping students and inspire them: “Seeing a person of any age aspire to become more educated with their world shows me that humanity is a wondrous and marvelous thing”.

John loves nature, he likes to go camping with his wife. He is also an artist and enjoys skateboarding around Bogota. His favorite types of movies are American Westerns and Documentaries. He also enjoys reading biographies and other historical books.

Resumen: damos una calurosa bienvenida a los nuevos docentes que nos acompañarán durante este semestre escolar.

– John Ludwig, profesor de Composición y Oratoria en Inglés en 5ºD y Oratoria en Escuela Media.

– Sandra Rosero, profesora de Inglés, Matemáticas y Coordinadora de Familia de Jardín C.

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