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Wellness Center Message-Science of a meaningful life


  1. Happy people are more willing to tackle social problems: They may care more about contributing to important causes and have more energy for doing so.

  2. In the long run, diversity wins: People come to appreciate over time the differences with others, consider them as equals and and it correlates strongly with positive leadership.

  3. We influence our brains for the better: People feel connected to the greater world; their minds are engaged and less prone to wondering.

  4. Treating yourself gets old fast – but giving to others doesn’t: This relates with feeling enduring satisfaction instead of adapting to the situations overtime. This increases the success of cooperative work, a grater sense of purpose and meaning and better physical health.

  5. Practicing Loving-Kindness slows aging: Cultivating warm-hearted positive emotions towards oneself and others through mindful meditation influences the length of Telomeres (DNA -protein complexes inside the cells that protect them from decay) to slow down aging.

  6. Your partner’s emotional health could affect your longevity: Romantic partners are interconnected, and according to different studies, your partner’s happiness could impact your physical health becoming a protective factor if they are happy.

  7. People who are more forgiving sleep better: Forgiving people tend to sleep better and for longer periods of time, have better physical health and feel more satisfied with their lives. Leaving behind negative events and emotions decreases the frequency of painful rumination – focused attention and repetitive thoughts about our distress.

  8. Kids who engage in the arts feel better about themselves: Arts bolster self-esteem and it doesn’t matter if the results are good or not. Kids feel accomplished, unique and driven to purse differed goals.

  9. Feeling grateful increases our honesty: Gratefulness might increase the likelihood to be honest about different situations.

  10. Seeing goals as a journey drives you to stick to them: People are more likely to take actions to stay on track and reinforce the behavior that got them to their goals. The journey metaphor fosters a greater sense of personal growth, a feeling of changing and learning over the course of the experience.

Adapted from an article published on December 19,2019 in the Greater Good Magazine from UC Berkeley

Carolina Ramírez, Wellness Center

Resumen: durante el 2019, la ciencia realizó numerosos aportes a lo que se considera el “Estudio de una vida significativa”. Entre algunos, se encuentran el valor de meditar, ser agradecido y fomentar nuestra capacidad de asombro.

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