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Why use Flashcards for Language Learning? – Portuguese Class – 9th Grade

Starting from the conceptual question: Why use Flashcards to learn languages, we developed this activity with students in Portuguese class in Ninth Grade, during some of our classes when we were learning about clothes and accessories, and we identified some advantages of doing this activity:

1. As they are physical flashcards, we highlighted the advantage of their portability. We took them anywhere, taking up little space. 2. The great creativity on the part of our students in using different styles of calligraphy and drawings. 3. Collaborative work. Here everyone contributes, supports and creates flashcards. 4. Developing each student’s ability to memorize.

If you have ever asked yourself the question: “What tips can you suggest when learning a language? One of the keys is to learn as much vocabulary, verbs and expressions as possible using flashcards divided by themes.

Flashcards are very effective learning cards when it comes to memorizing information and today, our students know and master the vocabulary of clothing and accessories, thanks to this activity.

Mauricio Hernández Family Coordinator -Mentor, Teacher

Resumen: Partiendo desde la pregunta conceptual: ¿Por qué usar Flashcards para aprender idiomas?, desarrollamos esta actividad con los estudiantes en clase de Portugués de Octavo Grado, durante algunas de nuestras clases cuando aprendÃ

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