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Certified by the U.S. Sustainable Building Council in Leadership in Environmental and Energy Design at the Platinum level in both campus construction and operation and maintenance. This includes the categories of sustainable construction and site, energy efficiency, water efficiency, building indoor air quality, sound insulation, sustainable and healthy lighting, innovative design, maintenance and operation.

Rochester School Facilities

28.500 mt2 Campus

15,533 mt2 built on 28,500 mt2 of land. 5 blocks with 4 classrooms and one shared classroom per floor. 

Aquatic Center

We have two swimming pools, one semi-Olympic and one for children. Large dressing room with showers and private spaces.

Sports Facilities

A professional soccer field, 4 multiple courts for basketball, volleyball, indoor soccer and tennis. A bio-healthy park for exercising during breaks.

Apple Laboratories

Three laboratories for useful and quality learning, distributed among Upper Elementary, Middle School and High School.

Wellness Center

We address needs associated with Psychology, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Speech Therapy and Orthoptics with first class human and physical resources.

42 Extracurricular Activities

Program designed for the development of multiple skills. Sports, recreational and artistic activities.  

Learning Resource Center

Equipped with technological resources and more than 18,000 books available to our students. 


Dining Room

4 simultaneous service lines, offering carefully designed nutritional plans for students to eat healthy. 

A commitment that unite us

Energy Efficiency

We heat the water in our pools and showers at the aquatic center with solar energy. Energy consumption savings of 69% compared to conventional buildings.

First School with LEED Gold in Latin America

Campuses with healthy spaces and operational performance that take our commitment beyond infrastructure.

Photovoltaic Panels

We generate an average of 20% of the energy required to operate on a monthly basis, thus reducing our carbon footprint by approximately 4.65 Tn CO2-eq, thus reducing our carbon footprint.

Water Treatment Plant

We treat and reuse 100% of the wastewater in sanitary discharges and landscaping, reducing the water footprint and impacts to aquatic ecosystems.

Water Saving

All our toilets, showers and sinks are programmed to reduce water consumption and reduce the water footprint

Healthy Infrastructure

Mixed ventilation and automatic air injections in classrooms 24/7. Furniture made of certified wood without formaldehyde glues. Ceilings with high acoustic insulation.

Waste Management

In the last two years, we have managed 5.36 tons of waste through recycling. 0 waste" policy.

A unique project that makes us one of the best schools in Bogota.

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