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Choice Theory School

Certified by the William Glasser International Institute as a Choice Theory based school with warm, trusting, caring and collaborative relationships, focused on developing fully competent skills that students perceive and make useful for their lives and the world.

We are one of the best schools in the north of Bogota.


Constant support in a warm atmosphere in the classroom and throughout the school environment.


Our teachers provide educational strategies for students to give the best of themselves, achieving the maximum expected and beyond.


Students learn to do useful and meaningful school work applied to real life.


We promote and facilitate self-evaluation and continuous improvement.

nullQuality work is always satisfying! That feeling is the incentive to make quality a permanent goal in everything we do.

nullWe educate citizens who are aware of their environment and of others.

Happiness or mental health is enjoying the life you are choosing to live, getting along with the people around you and close to you, doing something with your life that you consider valuable, and not doing anything that deprives other people of the same opportunity you have to be happy."

William Glasser

Three Pillars for Success

Healthy and Sustainable Environment

Healthy relationships with others and the environment are the driving force of the integral education we offer. We are the first green school in Latin America LEED Platinum and we have a unique subject in Colombia called "Development of Virtues". Through this space, we deliver daily useful tools for an ethical, healthy and happy life, from kindergarten to eleventh grade.

Useful and Quality Learning for Life and the World

As the only Glasser Quality School in the country, academic excellence is pursued here every day. The knowledge acquired through subjects and integrated projects is always applied in real-life situations. There is no learning that lasts longer than learning that is lived!

Inner Responsibility: Happiness and Success

Happiness and Success Teachers at Rochester are inspirational leaders of little leaders! Students learn to self-evaluate with professional methods to constantly challenge themselves. Ongoing support, warm atmosphere and motivation is a wonderful equation that allows us to postulate that every student can be successful and happy.

Golden rule:

Treat others as you wish to be treated"