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Strategic Intent

Institutional Purpose

Inspiring and educating students to take charge of their lives with the world in mind.

Highest Priority Goal

Every student feels safe, loved, learns all that is expected, and his/her parents perceive it that way.


Respectful and kind to others, following the Golden Rule "I treat others as I would like to be treated".

Virtues: Values In Action

The school's values )integrity, respect, hope, optimism, caring, faith, collaboration and gratitude), are used daily to develop the following virtues (SHICKEL):

Strategic Intent

1. Healthy and Sustainable Environment:

Establish a working and learning environment that is based on trusting, collaborative and connecting relationships, in a campus designed for environmental sustainability and integral health.

2. Useful & Quality Learning for Life and the World:

Focus on students developing and applying high performing competencies to real-life personal, local and global situations with a multilingual, intercultural and global citizenship perspective.

3. Internal Responsibility Towards Happiness and Success:

Faculty, staff, staff, students, and parents use Choice Theory in their daily lives and self-assess professionally using methods that include the needs and wants of relevant others and the community.