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Wellness Center

The school is aware of the importance of integral health (physical, emotional and spiritual well-being), safety, protection of children and security measures, so it counts with a Students Wellness Center composed by qualified professionals in the areas of psychology, therapy, medicine, Orthoptics and by the Chaplain who supports students in their spiritual health. Since August 2020, the Wellness Center has a Learning Development Coordinator (Decree 1421 of Inclusive Education of the Ministry of Education, 2017). All of them promote the well-being of community members and work as a team to prevent social, emotional, spiritual and learning difficulties in students by providing strategies, types of interventions and adaptations to maximize learning and the comprehensive health of students according to their needs. This exercise of supporting students requires constant professional development in child protection and prevention of drug and alcohol use, mindfulness, socio-emotional learning, and workshops on protocols and laws to detect child abuse, among others.


Academic Orientation

Relationship Orientation

Guidance & Career Orientation

Extracurricular Therapies for Therapeutic Needs

Medical care and educational health campaigns

Developmental Learning Support