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Operation Smile Foundation

Bogota D.C.

Did you know that with a small action you can completely change the future of a child? Colegio Rochester, in a solidarity project that involves the entire community, has set itself the goal of supporting Fundación Operación Sonrisa Colombia. Because we don't all have the same opportunities, and sharing is much more than opening the heart, we invite you to get to know this entity aimed at serving children from vulnerable populations, who have cleft lip and palate conditions.

In Colombia approximately 1,000 boys and girls are born each year with this pathology. More than a matter of physical appearance, we are talking about difficulties in eating, communicating and socializing. With the support provided to Fundación Operación Sonrisa, we are able to ensure that these little ones enjoy new life opportunities that favor their proper development.

At Rochester we know that a single good deed can make everything better, help us make those dreams come true!


Staff Entrepreneurship

Chia, Cundinamarca

At Rochester no one is left out. That is why we are committed to the well-being of each one of our workers, and we want to repay the love that our students receive from you every day.

Through training in education and entrepreneurship-oriented training, we seek to improve the quality of life of those collaborators in the areas of infrastructure and food. It is tremendously pleasing to see that some have even started their own businesses after these experiences.

 Be part of this joy and join this cause!


Staff Calamity

Chia, Cundinamarca

Supporting our collaborators in the areas of infrastructure and food also implies being present when they need it most. Through the "Personnel Calamity" program we seek to help those who are going through complex health situations or are in a situation of domestic calamity.

In our school, being a systemic citizen implies considering the other at all times and that is why we invite you to be part of an initiative that benefits those people who day by day, and with special affection, watch over the care of our students.