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Food Service

Food Services


The menus are designed in accordance with the guidelines established for Ministry of Education and the calories and nutrient recommendations suggested by the Instituto Colombiano de Bienestar Familiar ICBF.

We Offer Salad bar, Fruit bar, Soup, two types of carbohydrates, two options of animal or vegetable protein, natural juice without additives and sweet, all in the right amounts for each age group.We have a vegetarian menu, a plan to manage intolerances and allergies.

For all users who take the monthly lunch service we offer a special birthday celebration menu.

Our Fees


Rochester School has a snack service carefully designed and created to meet the energetic and nutritional needs of the students according to their age.

The service consists of a natural fruit drink or dairy drink, one protein, one carbohydrates and one fruit.

We offer a daily menu with several additional options, which allows us to offer the community the possibility to choose, thus guaranteeing the satisfaction of their needs.

Healthy foods and nutrition

From the nutrition area, we take care of monitoring the portions offered and compliance with the menu to guarantee an adequate supply of nutrients to our students, additionally, the management of specialized diets can be evaluated according to the specific medical condition of the students who require it. We have nutritional assessment and monitoring of high performance athletes to support their sports performance. If you have any questions or concerns, please, do not hesitate to contact us. From the food service we are committed to generate and promote strategies to improve the eating habits of our community, that is why we have reduced the use of sugar in our products; selection of dairy products without added sugars and reduction of fried products.


Management of certified medical diets

Students with allergies or health conditions related to overweight and obesity, high cholesterol, high triglycerides, among others, will be directed to our nutritionist in order to comply with the appropriate diet for their specific nutritional situation.

Advisory program for high-performance athletes

We have a special program for our high performance athletes in which our nutritionist performs a complete nutritional assessment and develops the appropriate nutrition plan for the athlete. In food service we provide the food necessary to meet the needs of the athlete.

Snack bar

The Snack Bar is our on-site and virtual health food store where students and the community can purchase delicious artisan bakery products, pastries, drinks, fruits, snacks and others. Come and meet us and enjoy the best products, you will be surprised! If you want to learn more about our services and products of the Snack bar.

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The food service has internal and external attention for events of the school, we attend personalized services and guarantee an amazing service.

How to read the nutrition facts

What are calories? 

Are the amount of energy that your body receives from consuming food.

What are proteins?

Special molecules that have various functions within the body, for example to form muscles , immune system and transport nutrients among many others.

What are fats?

They are molecules that cannot be produced by the organism and are responsible for providing energy and maintaining body temperature.

What are carbohydrates?

They are nutrients that provide energy to the body, help brain function and muscular movement.

Each person needs specific amounts of nutrients to maintain their health, the ideal is that during the day 100% of the recommended nutrients are consumed. For our analysis the percentages are established based on a 2000 calorie diet.

This means that a portion of Meatballs of 150 gr provides 20% of the calories you need to eat in a day.

A nutrient is considered of low nutritional content when it covers less than 5% and exceeds the nutritional content when it covers more than 20% of the recommendation in both cases; this serves to make a better selection of foods according to the nutritional needs of each person.