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We want you to be able to live and learn about the experiences of parents and users. We also want to tell you about the environmental policies and strategic plans we devise to be aligned with sustainability from the food service.

Our distinguishing factor

The food service of Rochester School S.A.S., in accordance with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and healthy eating, honors the goals of sustainability through the implementation of sustainable practices. Here are some of the actions we take in the food service, so that you receive a quality product and at the same time you can reduce your carbon footprint. - We carry out solid waste segregation processes at the source, with the objective of sending as little as possible to the sanitary landfill. - Reduction in the consumption of meat with bone, thin loin, among others, associated with intensive livestock farming and its environmental effects. - We use vegetables and fruits with peel, in order to reduce the generation of organic waste while taking advantage of their nutritional content in an integral way. - We do not use food additives or preservatives in our foods, guaranteeing their quality in your diet.