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Why Rochesterian Partnerships?

Our Rochesterian Partnerships project has as its main objective the union of efforts between Rochester School, its parents and its alumni, to promote the products or services that each one develops, with benefits for the entire community, generating added value with opportunities for all.

There have been many years of building close relationships that today we can rescue to benefit all members of our Rochesterian community, through alliances and agreements, promoting everyone's businesses and ventures, which with dedication, effort and commitment are being successful.

Our mission

Provide the community with benefits that allow it to increase its market, reduce its costs and establish new contacts.

Our vision

Promote the link between community companies to generate value and mutual benefit.

Be Part of Our Alliances


Se Parte de
Nuestras Alianzas

If you want to be part of our alliances, fill out the form and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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