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Menu of the week

Menu of the week

Let's learn about nutrition


Snack Bar


Disfruta de nuestros productos realizados especialmente para ti.

Encontrarás productos deliciosos en las fechas especiales de nuestra comunidad Rochesteriana

Adquiere el Almuerzo del Día


Enjoy an international menu, cooked with love and thinking about your well-being. Make the purchase by clicking on the image

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Our services

Citrus Fruits



From the nutrition area, we are in charge of monitoring the portions offered and compliance with the menu to guarantee an adequate supply of nutrients to our students. Additionally, the management of specialized diets can be evaluated according to the specific medical condition of the students who require it.


We have nutritional evaluation and monitoring of high-performance athletes to support their sports performance.


If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.


From the food service we are committed to generating and promoting strategies to improve the eating habits of our community, which is why we have reduced the use of sugar in our products; selection of dairy products without added sugar and reduction of fried products.



The menus are designed in accordance with the guidelines established by the Ministry of Education and the calorie and nutrient recommendations suggested by the Colombian Institute of Family Welfare ICBF.

We offer a salad bar, a fruit bar, soup, two types of carbohydrates, two options of animal or vegetable protein, natural juice without additives and sweet, all in the appropriate quantities for each age group. We have a vegetarian menu and a plan to manage intolerances and allergies.

For all users who contract the monthly food service, we offer a special birthday celebration menu.


Half Nines

We have a snack service carefully designed and created to meet the energy and nutritional needs of students according to their age.

The service consists of a natural fruit drink or a dairy, a protein, a carbohydrate and a fruit.

We offer a daily menu with several additional options, which allows us to allow the community to choose, thus guaranteeing the satisfaction of their needs.

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