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Institutional Purpose

Inspirar y educar estudiantes a tomar control de sus vidas con el mundo en mente. 


The internationally accredited Pre-K-11 Rochester School, where every student is successful, happy and healthy, and learns to add quality to their life and the world now and in the future, using and improving knowledge. There are several elements of the school's culture, climate and curricula that are best described as follows:

Students of different ages work and learn together on concrete, real-life projects that help create a connected community.

Parents, grandparents, alumni, faculty and staff work together to foster a professional, connected and unified community. 

Students learn and work at different paces with the help of online curricula and teaching assistants, giving their best according to their current knowledge and skills.

There are Colombian and international students who learn and live off campus through the use of very attractive online study plans. 

Teachers and students enjoy their time together through engaging classes and dynamic, real-life projects and investigations.

All subjects work interdependently to foster connection, long-term and integrated learning, just as it happens in real life.

Students Develop the Knowledge and Skills Needed to Add Quality to Their Lives and the World in:

Effective and efficient working and learning in teams of different configurations, capabilities and backgrounds.

The environmental and social sustainability necessary to conserve biodiversity, promote social equity and intercultural learning, and promote global citizenship. 

Useful real-life, easy-to-use, and aesthetically appealing applications through computer coding.

Long-term systemic and creative solutions to real-life problems with mathematics, natural sciences, social sciences, languages, arts, religion, physical education, sports, computer science and other disciplines.

Leading others through aspirational and inspirational skills, without authoritarian or permissive practices.

Healthy relationships with others through teaching, management, counseling and friendship skills, as well as peaceful and joyful living in a culturally diverse world, including high-level language skills in Spanish, English, French and Portuguese.  

Research and search for the validation and application of knowledge.

Bienestar personal a través de la salud física, mental y espiritual, así como ayudar a otros a cuidar de sí mismos. 

Self-assessment or professional self-reflection taking into account the wishes and needs of the student, the wishes and needs of relevant people and the norms, agreements and sustainability of the context. 

Values in Action


Rochester School bases its educational project on the values of honesty, respect, hope, optimism, faith, kindness, collaboration and gratitude. Students use these values to develop the following virtues across grades and levels (acrostic SsACIAL ):

  • Integral Health

  • Systemic and Global Citizen

  • Ability and Service

  • C ooperation & Collaboration

  • Integrity

  • Professional self -assessment

  • leadership

Being courteous, which means being respectful and kind to others, through the use of verbal and non-verbal language, listening and behaving empathetically, and taking into account the needs of those who are near and dear to us. Treating others as I would like to be treated helps develop the skill of being polite. 


In each class, grade and level, students and teachers develop agreed-upon constitutions with the most important principles and values, the expected behavior for each one, and the procedure for resolving unwanted behaviors. 

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Objetivos Estratégicos

The strategic plan is based on three main pillars, and for each pillar there is an objective.


Pillar 1

Healthy and Sustainable Environment: 


Rochester College is established as a LEED Platinum sustainable campus where relationships inspire teamwork, dependability, safety, inclusion, happiness, connection, and achievable challenges.


Pillar 2

Useful and Quality Work and Learning for Life and the World:

Rochester is an accredited international school, focused on applying and improving knowledge in real-life situations with a global, intercultural and multilingual perspective, through schoolwork, and experiences that are perceived as useful, engaging and of high quality by part of students, parents, teachers and staff.


Pillar 3

Internal Responsibility Towards Happiness and Success: 


Teachers, staff, students, and parents are mentally healthy and happy, use Choice Theory to add quality to their daily lives, and evaluate themselves professionally, using methods that include the basic needs and wants of others and community.

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