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At our School we involve the entire community in the search for quality. Our greatest desire is for each student to develop camaraderie, self-esteem, responsibility and commitment. We want our students to learn more and better; that develop skills, attitudes and values; that they learn socially and emotionally; that they learn from others and with others.

Enfocamos las Habilidades en:

  • Interact politely and productively with colleagues.

  • Develop fully bilingual skills in English and Spanish when listening, reading, speaking and writing.

  • Use mathematics to solve narrated problems.

  • Develop skills in music, visual arts, dance and theater.

  • Integrate motor skills, hearing and vision for optimal visual learning.

  • Swim in the four styles and practice common sports for optimal physical development.

  • Develop scientific thinking by using knowledge of natural, social and computational sciences to solve real problems.

  • Develop a sense of service toward others, strengthen your relationship with God, and, optionally, make the sacraments of First Reconciliation and First Communion.


Colegio Multilingüe

Did you know that we have been chosen as one of the 50 most innovative schools in the world?


At Rochester many years ago we took the initiative to break with the old paradigm of rote learning and teacher-centered instruction. Under a unique educational model, we inspire and educate students to take charge of their lives thinking about the world.


We anticipate the changing purposes of contemporary society by offering new and more effective tools. With more than 64 years of tradition, and an international focus, we face the future better prepared than any other institution in Colombia.

The Power of
Cooperative learning

The ACooperative learning at Rochester Allows us to:


Positive Interdependence: 

Each member of the group perceives that what they do benefits others: "we sink or swim together."



Individual y Grupal: 

Tanto el grupo como cada estudiante deben ser responsables del desarrollo de tareas individuales y grupales que permitan al nivel alcanzar su propósito final; "Los estudiantes aprenden juntos para rendir mejor como individuos".



Face to Face Interaction: 

Group members interact with each other to develop cognitive and social skills.


Interpersonal and Small Group Skills: 

Group members develop skills related to effective leadership, decision making, building trust, communication and conflict management, among others.


Group Processing:

Groups reflect on whether they were able to achieve their academic goals and maintain effective working relationships, what actions contributed to those goals, and what needs to change for next time.

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