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Let´s Celebrate – English Class – 3rd Grade

During this term, students explored different festivals and celebrations that take place around the world. They discovered how those traditional celebrations are at the heart of different cultures, whether it is a national celebration, a religious holiday, a new year holiday, and more. 

Students learned about important celebrations such as the Day of the Dead in Mexico, Holi in India, and Independence Day in the US. They enjoyed exploring how people gather to celebrate using costumes, light lanterns, fireworks, color powder, singing, and dancing. They understood and valued the diversity of other cultures.

Carlos Olaya and Maria Clemencia Pinzon  Teachers of  English 3rd Grade ABC

Resumen:Durante este trimestre los estudiantes exploraron diferentes festivales y celebraciones que tiene lugar en todo el mundo. Descubrieron cómo dichas celebraciones tradicionales son el corazón de diferentes culturas, ya sean una celebración nacional, una fiesta religiosa, una fiesta de año nuevo y muchas más. 


Los estudiantes aprendieron sobre celebraciones importantes como el DÃ

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