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An Opportunity for Teamwork – Interclasses Games

As part of an initiative for the second semester, between the school’s Board of Directors, the Student Council and the Physical Education teachers, we proposed to start the Intercursos, to improve the overall health of our students by promoting teamwork and the union of the promotions. We had not been able to enjoy this type of activities for two years.

In the month of February, we started the first inter-cursus of the year, beginning with volleyball. We had a participation of 8 mixed teams, for a total of 56 athletes having fun and encouraging the public thanks to their talent in each of the jousts.

The tournament went smoothly, where despite the defeats and tears, there was fair play, brotherhood and camaraderie among all participants and the bars.

On March 11, we held the awards ceremony and we want to recognize the talents and future potential put on stage.

The final was between two 11th Grade teams, who shared the pride of being at the top of the podium.

The excitement was so great that teachers from different areas wanted to participate in an exhibition match against the champion team. In the end the victory went to the teachers but the fun was in charge of the spectators.

Freyser Mena – Basketball Teacher

Alison López – Volleyball Teacher

Resumen: Como parte de una iniciativa para el segundo semestre, entre las Directivas del Colegio, el Consejo de Estudiantes y los docentes de Educación FÃ

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