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Success and Succession in Science

After a natural fire, a volcanic eruption or any major event of nature, ecosystems find themselves with bare soil and almost zero life, but they always find a way to be reborn. In nature, this process is called ecological succession.  Science teachers are now in the middle of succession themselves. After a long period without going to the campus and feeling as arid as a dessert, they are finding the way to be reborn. 

As of July, the science team has been organizing the curriculum in order to give students the best possible input in the middle of a world pandemic. Science teachers have attended several trainings in the use of the new platforms acquired for better understanding of sciences; they have been planning each and every unit, lesson and class, keeping in mind essential questions useful for life; they have been reading and discussing about our actions at a quality school and looking for the best way to emotionally connect with the students through a computer. 

The results of this First Term of Trimester 1 are incredible! All the planning and late hours of work were totally worth it. 

Thank you science teachers! Succession is happening and success is evident!

Resumen: Los ecosistemas se recuperan de un impacto fuerte por medio de la sucesión y vuelven a nacer;  así mismo lo están haciendo los profesores de Ciencias. Se han preparado por medio de capacitaciones en varias plataformas nuevas y han planeado en detalle cada una de sus clases para que sus estudiantes estén siempre felices y aprendan lo más útil para sus vidas. Los resultados han sido increíbles. ¡Gracias profesores, el trabajo duro da sus frutos!

Pilar Tunarroza Natural and Environmental Sciences Director

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