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Understanding Mercantilism – Prehispanic Class – Upper Elementary

Isabella Camacho, 5°C, shows us the beginnings of mercantilism, through the exchange of products between Europe and America, which was initiated by the explorers and continued by the conquistadors. The students were surprised to learn that many of the products that we consume today are not originally from America, but came from the old continent, and that thanks to the exchange of animals such as cows, pigs, chickens and foods such as onions, brought from Europe, along with products such as tomatoes, potatoes and turkeys from America, today it is possible to eat hamburgers on both continents.

Martha Corredor S. History and Geography Teacher

Resumen: Isabella Camacho, de 5°C, nos muestra los inicios del mercantilismo, a través del intercambio de productos entre Europa y América, que iniciaron los exploradores y continuaron los conquistadores. Los estudiantes se sorprendieron al saber que muchos de los productos que hoy consumimos, no son originarios de América, sino que llegaron del viejo continente, y que gracias a ese intercambio de animales, como vacas, cerdos, gallinas y alimentos como las cebollas, traÃ

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