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Wellness Center Message – How can students be successful?

Students who give you a hard time or don’t attend, have already chosen to separate from you. That’s why they’re disrupting. If you can’t connect with them, they’ll give you a hard time all year, resisting your direction, which is their way of trying to control you. A favorite trick of resistant students is to keep disrupting your teaching until you start to threaten and punish.

When you do, they have gotten control of you and can now blame everything they’re doing on you. These students are well acquainted with external control; they’ve struggled against it for years. Only by stopping its use in the classroom, can you begin to interest them in behaving in the way you would like them to behave.

Taken from: “Every Student Can Succed”, William Glasser. 

Resumen:  hoy queremos invitarlos, desde el Centro de Bienestar, a reflexionar somo cómo el control externo alimenta el comportamiento disruptivo de algunos estudiantes. Si, como profesores, queremos que un estudiante se conecte con nosotros y con la clase, es importante empezar a relacionarnos desde una postura de control interior.

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