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Developing THIS REAL – Real World English – 4th Grade

4th grade Real World English students, have been exploring about how life today is different from life in the past, in a unit on Long Ago and Today. They created a presentation and recorded themselves explaining it. Through this activity, students developed their THISREAL life competencies, including Technology Use and Language Competence.

Many students did a fantastic job, demonstrating excellent understanding of the vocabulary we learned, as well as using comparative adjectives, such as more difficult than and easier than, to compare items and experiences in the past with now. They presented it in a creative, professional manner, expressing themselves very clearly and confidently. This learning activity was assessed against the following learning expectation:

Communicate orally for a range of purposes (e.g., creative, informative, and persuasive) using academic vocabulary, cultural information, and different types of organizational structures and styles according to the purpose and audience; demonstrating a personal voice in an authentic language environment or scenario (Speaking)

Below you can find videos from Tomás Gallego, Gabriel Acosta and MatÃ

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