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English language learning in High School

A new year has started and a long with it, huge amounts of dreams.

Final exams are around the cornes so English class students students  have worked to demonstrate understanding of the different  topics regarding their learning this semester. English Exams will be administered on January 24th. We encourage students to review, practice and plan to give their best!

This is what High School students have been working on until today:

9th Grade: Unit 4 has started and it asks  students to think about ways of celebrating culture and bringing people together to be implemented in our country; a special food festival, a new sports day, an X day for celebrating (peace, happiness, friendship, etc.)

10th Grade: What is the difference between exploration and discovery? What are some important places recently discovered by humans (Over the last 200 years, E.G. Machu Picchu, Easter Island, San Agustin, Nazca Lines, Antarctica, etc)? These are some of the activities being developed in unit 4 in class.

11th Grade: How has data offer humankind the chance to improve? Which areas of knowledge have benefited from these improvement? Unit 4 of 21st Century Communication starts with these questions so students research and present the way evolution has presented us a new way to do things.

12th Grade: The Great Gatsby starts “Whenever you feel like criticizing anyone, he told me, just remember that all the people in this world haven’t had the advantages that you’ve had.†Quite accurate for our philosophy. Our Seniors, after a long and deserved vacation, are back and getting ready to demonstrate their understanding of this great book by analyzing major themes, archetypes and literary devices, useful fo academic and formal writing in later life. Additionally, this book opens a door to look at what USA was like before the great depression and the difference between “Old Money and New Moneyâ€

Resumen: los estudiantes de Bachillerato continúan trabajando en sus hablidades en el idioma inglés. Algúnos estudiantes están explorando temas interesantes como las diferencias culturales, la diferencia entre exploración y descubrimiento, la importancia de los datos para la humanidad y han empezado una gran lectura: “The Great Gatsby”. 

Estudiantes: recuerden que los exámenes de inglés se llevarán acabo el 24 de enero. 

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