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Hand in Hand with Equine Therapy

Horseback riding has been shown to help self-confidence. Riders increase their self-esteem and self-image, in addition to several other mental and physical benefits.  A study completed by The British Horse Society (BHS) concluded that horseback riding stimulated positive psychological feelings, reducing depression by 30%, as well as lowering the chance of dementia by 30%. In addition, communicating and interacting with horses has been shown to have a positive effect on people, generating a feeling of relaxation.  Therapeutic riding programs, such as a treatment called Equine-Assisted Therapy or EAT, have been widely used to improve ADHD, anxiety, autism, depression, and other mental health conditions. As a sport, equestrianism was first included in the 1900 Olympics and reappeared in 1912, but it was not until 1952 that civilians and women were allowed to participate. 

Congratulations to two members of our Rochester Community who discovered they share the same passion for horses and attend the same horseback riding academy: La Academia, to achieve personal goals, by strengthening their abilities and emotions! MarÃ

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