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Homage to our World History and Geography Teacher: Kimon Steenporte by Ninth Grade Students

“It was the last time we would have Mr. Kimon as our teacher,” mentioned a student from World History and Geography class in Ninth Grade. We invite the community to enjoy this wonderful homage paid to Mr. Kimon Steenporte, World History and Geography Teacher in Middle and High school. Mariana Vasquez presented the idea and asked the following students to help her organize the logistics of getting the whole class involved: Luciana Lozano, Ana Sarmiento, Aurora Barrios, Sofía Méndez, and Juanita Escobar. Here we see our Rochester School Virtues and THISREAL Life Competencies in action by each one of our students: Cooperation & Collaboration, Kindness & Service, Leadership as well as, Technology Use and Relating Well With Others. We value the heart and soul students put into saying “goodbye” to their teacher who had been with them since their seventh grade year and who had found diverse and interesting ways to teach history and create a connection with each of his students. We congratulate Mr. Kimon for his passion and dedication and applaud our ninth grade students who felt the need to pay this wonderful homage to him! 

Ninth Grade Students

Resumen: “Era la última vez que tendríamos a Mr. Kimon como nuestro maestro en bachillerato”, mencionó un estudiante de la clase de “World History and Geography” en Octavo grado. Invitamos a la comunidad a disfrutar de este maravilloso homenaje a Mr. Kimon Steenporte, profesor de “World History and Geography” en Escuela Media y Bachillerato. ¡Felicitamos a Mr. Kimon por su pasión y dedicación! ¡Aplaudimos a nuestros estudiantes de Octavo grado que sintieron la necesidad de crear este maravilloso homenaje!

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