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I Like Food – English Class – Kindergarten

In our unit called I LIKE FOOD, kindergarten students learned and practiced vocabulary words such as bread, chicken, cookies, milk, pasta, orange juice, rice, water, and pasta. They used the expression ¨I want…¨ to share what they would like on their pizzas (cheese, tomatoes, basil, pepperoni, mushrooms, corn, ham). In their notebooks and workbooks, they worked independently, and cooperatively in hands-on activities using playdough, paint, and other fun materials.

As a final product, the students learned about planting seeds and ways to reuse plastic bottles. At home, they decorated a plastic bottle, and at school, they used compost to plant. The students have visited the school’s gardens many times and with Mr. Bautista’s help, we are continuing our mini-project.

Stephanie Guinand, Diana González, Sandra Rosero, Juliana Rodriguez

Resumen: En nuestra unidad llamada I LIKE FOOD, los estudiantes aprendieron y practicaron palabras como: pan, pollo, galletas, leche, pasta, jugo de naranja, arroz, agua y pasta. Usaron la expresión ¨I want…¨ para compartir lo que les gustarÃ

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