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Learning Soccer Skills – Soccer Class – 11th Grade

We ended our year highlighting the work done by the tenth grade students, who are characterized by their dedication and dedication executing individual and group technical actions.

The students developed the skills of ball control, control and definition through real game actions. The technique circuits where each player had to execute the exercises individually and later in a group were of great help to achieve the objectives. The sessions were based on the Coerver method where each student is autonomous in his technical preparation independent of the level, in order to strengthen his foundation. At game time, it was evident that the physical, technical and tactical level of the students was increasingly higher. The students were able to transfer the skills developed in the first stage to the context of the game.

The learning was evaluated by means of defensive and offensive principles, executing 1 vs. 1 duels to manage defensive actions such as marking, profiling, orientation of the opposing player and entry. Offensive principles were evaluated by applying the feint and dribbling at different distances, driving the ball and eluding the opponent to achieve the objective of finishing.

William Machado

Soccer Teacher High School

Resumen:Culminamos nuestro año resaltando el trabajo realizado por los estudiantes del grado décimo, quienes se caracterizan por su entrega y dedicación ejecutando acciones técnicas individuales y en grupo. Los estudiantes desarrollaron las habilidades de dominio del balón, control y definición por medio de acciones reales de juego. Los circuitos de técnica donde cada jugador debÃ

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