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Musical Ensembles in First Grade

Do you know what a musical ensemble is? Well, the first graders are learning what it is. We can recognize them not only visually, but also through our ears. A musical ensemble is a group of people who perform instrumental or vocal music. To learn how to differentiate each ensemble by ear, we had to learn the types of instruments such as strings, brasswinds, woodwinds and percussion. We have learned about the symphonic Orchestra, the Big band, the Rock band and some ensembles from the Colombian folk music, like the Caribbean, Andes and Pacific region. At the same time that we learned about these ensembles, we also learned to recognize types or genres of music like classical, jazz, rock and our folk colombian music.

Last week, we illustrated the instruments of a Rock band, and this week we are working on the folk instruments of the Caribbean region of Colombia. Take a look at the padlet of our evidences:

Resumen: Formatos instrumentales. Los niños de Transición logran ahora  reconocer auditivamente diferentes formatos instrumentales a través de sus instrumentos característicos. Hemos trabajado la Orquesta Sinfónica, la Big Band, la Banda de Rock y formatos folclóricos de Colombia de la Región Caribe, Andina y Pacífico. Al mismo tiempo que aprendemos a reconocerlos, aprendemos también a reconocer la música clásica, el jazz, el rock y nuestro folclor colombiano. Esta semana realizaron los dibujos de los instrumentos característicos de la región caribe.

Sandra Salcedo Preschool and Lower Elementary Music Teacher

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