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Sacrament of Penance

On Monday, February 3rd, we gathered together around our Catholic faith and accompany 4th Grade students to celebrate the sacrament of Penance. Under the spiritual guidance of Ãngel Gabriel Angulo, Celina Rojas and Father Norberto Guzmán, our students were ready to confess for the very first time. Special thanks to Alejandro Patiño, the Upper Elementary Level Director and all his teaching team.

Jesus Christ in his abundant love and mercy, established this sacrament so that each of us had the possibility of obtaining forgiveness for our sins and reconciling ourselves with God. This sacrament is a beautiful opportunity to know the merciful love of God. 

Rochester School, through its program Virtues Development, promotes 7 virtues, which are values ​​in action and are summarized in the acronym SHICKEL, being the second letter integral health.  We define it as the ability to maintain our physical, mental and spiritual health without depriving others of the same opportunity. Then, the sacrament of penance encourages us to always establish relationships of love, respect and harmony with God and others, favoring our integral health.

Let us pray and ask Jesus to enlighten and accompany each of our students in this special moment of their Christian lives. “Oh God, whose Mercy is infinite and whose treasures of compassion have no limits, look at us with your favor and increase your mercy within us.â€

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