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Spanish and Literature in High School

In Spanish and Literature courses, students have been working in communicative skills such as listening, speaking, writing, and reading, as well as in the development of thinking skills such as argumentation, reflection and inferential analysis. In this sense, dialogue is a powerful tool to building knowledge collectively. Also, 12th Grade students presented to their classmates an overview of the indigenous languages of Colombia and, after a participation in a circle meeting , they self-evaluated their learning. More over, 11th Grade students are learning about the sociocultural context that followed the Latin American conquest.

Resumen: este semestre en los cursos de español y literatura los estudiantes han estado trabajando, además de los contenidos curriculares, en las habilidades comunicativas como la escucha, la oratoria, la escritura, y la lectura. Además, han trabajado en las habilidades de pensamiento, argumentación, reflexión y análisis inferencial.

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