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Swimming Awards

Our Rochester Sports Club High Performance swimming team, led by its coach Norberto León, participated in the “Ciudad de Girardot†Cup,  from October 22  through 24, 2021.

Twenty one (21)  swimmers from the infant, youth and senior categories participated. The team was ranked fifth out of 32 clubs that participated. 

Our swimmers stood out winning a total of 9 gold medals, 8 silver medals and 5 bronze medals, for a total of 22 medals. The participation of our swimmers was outstanding due to the merit of obtaining a 5th place, with a smaller number of swimmers, compared to the other clubs that outnumbered us.

The swimmers who represented the School Club were: Alejandro Useche, Camilo Cantor, Daniel Mateo Azuero, Emilio Borda, Emilio MartÃ

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