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Testing Pythagorean Theorem – Math Class – High School

This week, 8th Grade students worked on a self-assign project in Mathematics. They had to create their own rubric criteria considering what they thought represented competency, advanced and mastery learning. Some students decided to create 3D models, interactive posters, and web applications to proof and explain the Pythagorean theorem. It was a very fun activity to watch students explain and create ways of explaining it in their own way. Two students from course D, created the Greek Temple Model for Taylor Swift fans, explaining Pythagoras in 3D models, knowing that the Theorem was used since ancient times for architecture.

Luis Augusto Alvarez D’ Leon Mathematics Teacher 

Resumen: Esta semana, los alumnos de 7º grado trabajaron en un proyecto de autoasignación en Matemáticas. Tuvieron que crear sus propios criterios de rúbrica teniendo en cuenta lo que creÃ

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