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The Other Pandemic: The Environmental Crisis of 2020

Dear Community:

Taking into account our constant sustainability work, We want to share with you all an article written by the President of our School, Juan Pablo Aljure, about the other pandemic the world is going through: The Environmental Crisis.

To give you a preview and in Juan Pablo’s words: “the major cause of the environmental crisis that we are experiencing today is the human population and our way of life. The overpopulation has generated an increasing pressure in the way the land is used to have greater availability for agricultural crops and livestock, generating deforestation, ecosystems degradation and a disproportionate increase of greenhouse gas emissions and pollutants into the atmosphere. All this comes with the systemic effect of changes in the global climate, which generates droughts and extreme floods, new epidemics due to the rapid incubation of infections such as Zika produced by the Aedes aegypti mosquito, and changes in the behavior of the cropsâ€.

We kindly invite you to read the article in its entirety:

Resumen: teniendo en cuenta nuestro trabajo constante por la preservación del medio ambiente, en esta oportunidad, queremos volcar nuestra atención a la pandemia que representa la crisis medio ambiental. Por esto queremos invitar a nuestra comunidad a leer y compartir el artÃ

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