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Using Technology in Spanish Class in 5th Grade

My Journey as a TESOL AMBASSADOR 2020 by Diana K. Salazar English teacher 5th Grade Writing

Last year TESOL (Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages Organization) announced openings in order to be Ambassadors for this coming convention in Denver, Colorado 2020. I made all the process, I wrote a short essay as to why I wanted to be part of this experience and how would I spread the word and share to my community all the content, research and topics from it. Finally, on November 27th I received the email which brought pedagogical joy to my life: I had bee chosen as TESOL ambassador. They job is not easy, I need to keep posting the highlights and be very active on social media as well as writing a blogpost before the convention. I couldn’t be more enthusiastic about knowing more ambassadors from around the globe and sharing with them and others attendants my passion for teaching.

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