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Welcome Message

May the year 2020 be filled with well-being, health, joy, faith, hope and many blessings. May God keep, protect, care and guide our families at all times. We ask God for each one of you, your families, the Aljure-León family and our community. May all our desired futures become a reality.

We begin this 2019-2020 remembering the goals the Principalship has for this school year. As Stepehn Covey says, starting with the goal in mind may take us closer to our purposes.

  1. Develop the teachers and directors’ capacity so that they become the best version of themselves.

  2. Strengthen teamwork by learning and applying the elements of cooperative learning.

  3. Design and implement an effective feedback system among the different teams of the school.

  4. Continue refining the curriculum towards THIS-REAL.

Also, we would like to share with our community that the school is currently working in four certification processes: (a) High Quality Performing School with William Glasser International, (b) CIS-accredited School with CIS, (c) Great Place to Study, and (d) EFQM with the “Fundación Colombia Excelenteâ€. In this issue, we want to inform about the criteria for a Glasser Quality School, as follows:

  1. Relationships are based upon trust and respect, and all discipline problems, not incidents, have been eliminated.

  2. Total Learning Competency is stressed and an evaluation that is below competence or what is now a “B†has been eliminated. All schooling as defined by Dr. William Glasser has been replaced by useful education.

  3. All students do some Quality Work each year that is significantly beyond competence. All such work receives an “A†grade or higher, such as an “A+â€.

  4. Students and staff are taught to use Choice Theory in their lives and in their work in school. Parents are encouraged to participate in study groups to become familiar with the ideas of Dr. William Glasser.

  5. Students do better on state proficiency tests and college entrance examinations. The importance of these tests is emphasized in the school.

  6. Staff, students, parents and administrators view the school as a joyful place.

Information taken from the William Glasser International.

Welcome all to a wonderful year!

Alethia Bogoya – Principal

Resumen: Que el año 2020 esté lleno de bienestar, salud, alegrÃ

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