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Welcoming New Teachers and Non-Faculty Team Members

We want to welcome our new teachers and non-faculty team members. We hope this year brings lots of beautiful and enriching life experiences!

María José Hernández Barrios

Prekinder Shared Classroom Teacher

Four words that better describe María José are: observer, kind, calm, spiritual. About teaching, she enjoys helping students grow and at the same time learning from them. She likes reading, watching movies, riding bicycle, and serving others. Her favorite book is “Hacksaw Ridge”.

Pamela Herrera

Marketing and Communications Coordinator

She is a very happy, positive and resilient person. What she likes the most about working in communications is being able to share with many people every day. She feels she is fortunate to have chosen a profession where creativity is a daily challenge. She loves reading children’s literature, but most of all she loves to share that space with her daughters. 

After all, her favorite profession is being a mom!

Resumen: damos la calurosa bienvenida a María José Hernández Barrios quien nos está acompañando como docente del Aula Compartida Prejardín y a Pamela Herrera, nuestra coordinadora de Mercadeo y Comunicaciones. ¡Bienvenidas!

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