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Arts education Pre-K to 5th grade – Home Learning August

During this first month of Home Learning since August 3rd,  Arts Education classes have been an opportunity for our students to discover their expressive possibilities,  while staying at home. They learned about their bodies, shapes, colors and sounds under the guidance of teachers who innovated with their creativity, energy and love for our students.

Art is and will continue to be nourishment for our hearts. In Preschool and Elementary Grades, we live fun and meaningful experiences for the integral development of students, discovering healthy ways to express emotions, feelings and thoughts.

We invite you to explore the Padlet where teachers uploaded evidences from last August. Enjoy!

Resumen: En las clases de Educación Artística de Prejardín a 4º Grado, durante el mes de agosto en Aprendizaje en Casa, nuestros estudiantes aprendieron a reconocer y expresar sus emociones, sentimientos y pensamientos,  a través del cuerpo, las formas, los colores y los sonidos, de manera divertida junto a sus maestros creativos e innovadores.

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