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Geometry for the Brain – Geometry Class – 9th Grade

During the last month, in Geometry class, we focused on learning the basics and stimulating our brains to understand spaces and diverse shapes. In this workshop, we could understand tool management and its importance. There are cases that we analyzed and created geometrical figures according to the instruction. After, that the shapes were translated to geoplanes. We enjoyed constructing the shapes, it was a fun way to interact with geometry. Additionally, working with our parents was very enjoyable and interesting, as we could understand how our brains worked. They believed that geometry is an interesting way to understand real-life proportions and that these kinds of activities help in that understanding. Some cases were hard but as we understood the instructions we were able to comprehend and worked out the expected.

Paula Romero and Manuela Benavides 9th Grade Students

Resumen:Durante el último mes, en la clase de GeometrÃ

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