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Integrated Visual Learning – Preschool

At Rochester School, preschool students are part of our neuro-development program called IVL or Integrated Visual Learning. Through this program, our students develop the abilities required for reading, writing, solve spatial problems, as they mature their thinking abilities and logical-mathematical concepts (addition, subtraction, etc). This wholistic program promotes the sensory, motor, perceptual and cognitive development of our youngest students.

Following our IVL guidelines, pre-kinder students have participated in activities related to Easter and have made connections with our integrated project while visiting Australia. They have improved their jumping skills by imitating the Easter Bunny (short jumps), the Kangaroo (long jumps), and Australian animals such as the bilby, the emu, and the platypus, to name a few. They also hatched Easter eggs to promote the correct posture while seating (the meerkat in our preschool constitution). Those who achieved it found a little chick on their desks at the end of the week to celebrate their hard work!

Along with these gross motor skill activities, our pre-kinder students have learned new vocabulary in English, associating the movement to the animal, and finally to the written word, following the IVL object-image-word format. They also participated in fine-motor skill activities by decorating Easter eggs using different materials and textures. Finally, from our Virtues perspective, students enjoyed a fun Easter Egg Hunt where they had to search for Easter eggs by promoting kindness and teamwork.

Through play and movement, pre-kinder students are getting ready to experience a successful academic process!

Camila Clavijo and Martha Cristina Cortés

Resumen: En el Colegio Rochester los estudiantes de preescolar cuentan con un programa de neurodesarrollo llamado IVL, siglas en inglés para el Aprendizaje Visual Integrado. A través de este programa los estudiantes desarrollan las habilidades requeridas para poder tener un adecuado aprestamiento que les permitirá leer, escribir, resolver problemas espaciales, de igual manera, desarrollan habilidades de pensamiento y conceptos lógico-matemáticos (sumar, restar, etc). Es un programa de desarrollo integral que promueve el desarrollo sensorial, motor, perceptual y cognitivo de los más pequeños.

Siguiendo el programa de IVL, los estudiantes de prejardÃ

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