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Learning English Through Songs, Chants and Poems – English Class – Prekinder

PK Students approach the English language with a proposed unit or project theme. The lessons are always introduced with a video, chant or song sung by children in classrooms around the world, a photo, presentation of one to five vocabulary words with video or audio and a chant song or poem. A variety of activities help familiarize children with the theme and the new vocabulary.

Teaching the song or chant using gestures and repeating the same grammatical structure, helps children learn by doing and interacting with their environment.

Students were able to demonstrate their English skills at the last learning presentation, with a chant Panda Bear, the theme of our project “Wild animals of China”. A perfect way to learn and teach.

Carolina Sandino Teacher of English & Math of PB, IVL PB, & Family Coordinator PB

Resumen: Los estudiantes de Pre JardÃ

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