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Learning Teen Numbers, 2D shapes and Positional Words – Math Class – Kindergarten

In Math class, Kindergarten students participate in Math Centers. They are learning to count, add, and subtract numbers up to 20 emphasizing teen numbers and building them up from 10. They play addition and subtraction games using dice, counters, erasable markers and whiteboards. 

They are also exploring 2D shapes. They join simple shapes to form larger shapes using tangram pieces. Through this activity, students develop their creativity and satisfy their need for freedom.

In the last activity, students are using their math books and reviewing positional concepts such as left, right, between and next to.

While actively participating in these Math centers, students also practice cooperative skills such as individual responsibility, taking turns to share materials and solving problems peacefully.

Sandra Rosero Teacher of English & Math of KC, IVL KC, & Family Coordinator KC

Resumen: En matemáticas, los estudiantes de JardÃ

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