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Music Around the Life of Mozart – Arts Class – Kindergaten

Kindergarten children managed to integrate music around the life of Mozart from the art education class; visual art through shadow theater; and the creative dance in the tale of the Flautist of Hamelin.

In the process of building and learning this performance, children enjoyed being the protagonists of Mozart’s inspiring life with his achievements, his curiosities, and his works that remain relevant to this day.

Mozart was the starting point for children to create movements, make paper sculptures to simulate 18th-century wigs, understand the history of royalty and monarchy of the time, as well as identify the most representative melodies of the master,  which were performed by children, like Twinkle little star with the boom whackers as instruments. A fun story, full of adventures and learning.

Bravo to the children and their shadow theatre.

Preschool Art Education Team

Resumen: Los niños de kinder lograron desde la clase de educación artÃ

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