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Now I know my ABCs – Shared Classroom – Prekinder

Our prekinder students have been involved in learning different letters of the alphabet throughout the year, which is an important stage in the acquisition of writing and reading skills. In the shared classroom, our mission is to find and develop strategies to support this process. This week, students participated in different activities around centers. The goal was to identify letters and practice their tracing directionality according to Zaner Bloser.

In the first center, students found letters swimming in a small pool. They fished them using hangers as they kept a correct pinch posture. They had so much fun and also they could review the letters they worked on in class.

After identifying letters,  in the second center students remembered their directionality by lining bears up along letters written on a whiteboard. 

Finally, in the third center, students unified letters’ identification and tracing in a writing exercise where they found a word for every letter. What made this time especially meaningful was that it lead students to make use of their senses to internalize information and also, it was very useful for our team to evidence the students who need support with not only tracing or identification but also use of the line.

Laura Vaquen Teacher of Prekinder Shared Classroom

Resumen: Nuestros alumnos de prejardÃ

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